(Under 17s and Under 15s)

"Bucksburn is AMAZING! We always have fun and learn so much. Thanks!"
(U15 player)
  • Under 15s training every Thursday 6-7pm at Sheddocksley Sports Centre
  • Under 15s games on Sundays at the Beach Leisure Centre
  • Under 17s training every Thursday 7 - 8pm at Beacon Centre.
  • Under 17s games on Sundays at the Beach Leisure Centre
  • To provide a safe training environment for all young girls from S1 upwards to engage in the sport of netball.

  • To deliver quality coaching and competition for those that want to participate in competitive sport.

  • To develop potential junior coaches and provide opportunity for development of coaching skills. 

  • To have fun!


  • Listen and respect the coaches - they are volunteers and are there to support you and provide safe training.

  • Remove and leave all jewellery at home.

  • Respect every other member of the club and make sure that if there are any problems, you tell one of the coaches immediately - bullying will not be tolerated in any form.

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our teams



under 17s


under 17s


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We're very grateful and lucky to have had sponsors for our teams - we couldn't do it without their support!

Sparks under 17s 2017-18 sponsor: Anderson Anderson & Brown Charitable Initiative www.aab.uk/about-us/aabi

Hurricanes under 15s 2016-17 sponsor: Postcode Community Trust www.postcodecommunitytrust.org.uk (funded from players of the People's Postcode Lottery)

Interested in becoming a sponsor for the upcoming 2018-19 season? It's is incredibly important to help sustain and grow the team in our fantastic local netball club. You’ll get recognition on kit, online content including social media, tickets to our end of season party and more! Please get in touch for further info.